PR Network Member of the Year

About the Award
PR Network of the Quad Cities will recognize a current member who honors outstanding accomplishments in the fields of marketing and public relations in the Quad Cities. The award is presented during the annual Half Day Workshop.

Individuals must be a PR Network member and be on the membership list as of December 31, 2015, have at least three years of experience in the field and have clear leadership and ownership of the work they are submitting; those holding marketing or PR positions or leading creative projects are preferred. Nominees are solicited from PR Network members but you don’t need to be a PR Network member (or a marketing professional) to nominate someone.

How to Enter

  1. Select a nominee. This nominee should exemplify the qualities of a true leader. The nominator doesn’t need to be a PR Network member, or a marketer, but the nominee must be both.
  2. Fill out the nomination form below, to the best of your ability. All nominations will be kept confidential.
  3. Include a letter of recommendation by addressing the three areas of judging criteria outlined below written like a press release.  Here is an example you can use.  It is preferred you include a letter from someone other than yourself.
  4. Send the application package to PR Network by April 1, 2016 to Nominees will be judged solely on their write-ups by a committee led by a PR Network Board Member.  Committee members and anyone involved with the judging is not eligible. Please do not send any other appendices, video-tapes or samples. There are no entry fees. For questions about the entry rules, email

Download the Nomination Form and Judging Criteria


 Previous winners:

  • 2015 – John Riches, Alcoa

For more information about the award, contact Monica Wolfe,